ebv: 1, bar: 0

Face it, Bar Exam. I owned you. (I just pray I owned you enough to pass). :D Well, finally, I'll be able to get some posts up regularly and with the extra spice that time and relaxation inevitably provide. BOO-YAH!
!!!!!!!FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!


April Celeste Garff said...

Congratulations!!! I bet it's such a relief to finally be finished! Only one more day for Steve and then we can join you in your after-bar bliss.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Congrats!! I hope you can get some sleep now!

Jerkolas said...

Good heavens I am glad you are done. I am terribly bored at work and am in need of some posts to read. Hope all went well.

Catherine said...

Which now means you have enough time to write about how awesome Lance is for getting 3rd in the TDF after 4 years being off the bike - and about how Contador can take his big spanish ego and... well.... never mind.

Congrats on being DONE with the BAR!


t.t.turner said...

Congratulations! We were thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Craig Swapp, Keith Barton, Robert J Debry, Ned Siegfried and Mitch Jensen.

They all passed the bar. If you don't I think that is when you realize you've just wasted 3 years of your life and it's time to dedicate yourself to professional blogging because law sure as hell isn't for you.

87% of BYU students pass the bar first try. Seriously, if you aren't smarter than 13% of BYU students you know you've taken at least one wrong turn in the road of life.

Good luck.

ebv said...

Wow. @ Anon-- sounds like somebody has some insecurities and issues to work through, no?

I think everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who has taken any bar exam anywhere can relate to the anxiety and stress of this test. If you don't, you probably didn't understand what you were doing.

No one feels good coming out of that. No one. And yes, I realize that some real boneheads in the legal profession have passed this test. That often got me through the hard times when torts, constitutional law, and contracts all seemed to bleed together in a mass of litigative something.

Still, it'll be a relief when I get that "Pass" in 8-10 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I misjudged you Eric Boyd Vogeler, Gentleman. The good natured humor of my comment was obviously lost on your selectively deaf ears. Having read a few of your posts, and enjoyed the intellectual and intelligent alternative spin you put on our modern world I assumed that this post was written with the same self assured confidence of the rest of your “blog fodder,” (i.e. “EBV:1, Bar:0,” or “Face it, Bar Exam. I owned you”). However, after reading your comments I’m left with only 2 conclusions about your motives in writing such a post. 1) You are exactly as confident in your performance as the title of your post suggests and this is just an attempt to lure sympathy and congratulations from your readers, as evidenced by such comments as “I just pray I owned you enough to pass,” but now the “insecurities and issues” that I displayed in my failed attempt to bring some comic comfort have brought that to light or 2) You really aren’t sure how you did and my comment awoke the legal demons who have for 3 years clawed at your soul with the question of whether the Juris path was for you.

That said, best of luck.

ebv said...

Oh, anon. My apologies if I misinterpreted anything.

I think I just got ruffled about the "Smarter than 13%" of my classmates. I have the utmost respect and admiration for my classmates.

That said, I will be the first to admit that I'm insecure about the bar exam. And I will also readily admit that I've wondered about taking the juris path at all...

As to the bar, I've known some really intelligent people who couldn't pass the bar the first go round. Nothing about their intelligence, everything about test-taking skills and luck.

While I'm confident I did pass the bar, there's always an exception.

As to my doubts about the legal profession. Well, I enjoy it, but who knows...

Again, my apologies. I shouldn't have responded in that way. For the record, I appreciate your vote of confidence regarding my blogging abilities.

I need to be more careful, it seems, in how I interpret comments. :)

Thanks for keeping me honest!


SGarff said...

I guess I'll join the fray.

Though I'm confident that you passed Eric, no one ever walks out of the bar certain of that fact. There are 2 main reasons for this. First, the bar covers so much material that no human can learn it all. So you know that there are things that you had no clue on when you took the test. Second, in order to pass the bar you must have the humility to put in the time to learn the materiel and practice taking the exam. This humility doesn't just go away the second you walk out of the convention center.

I have friend who is one of the smartest people I know and studied more for the exam than anyone. Even he is not absolutely sure that he passed.

8-10 weeks!? Man, I won't hear until November 20th.

Megan said...

Eric...congrats on being done with that misery. My husband just spent the whole day yesterday grading bar exam essays. He only failed 3 out of 30 of them! Hopefully (and no doubt) none of them were yours!