You Too Can Make $4.41 a Month... From Your Own Home!!!

Fed up with your cushy desk job, 40 hour work weeks, health and dental plans, and 401(k)s? Disgruntled Attorneys, lend me your ears! Over-educated Doctors, give heed! Stay-at-home moms, listen up! Little neighborhood kids who sell painted rocks on the corner, come hither... Sick of managing your own Multi-Level Marketing Scheme? Depressed with the duldrums of a full-time career and an honest day's work? Think you could do better in your jammies in front of your enormous home computer monitor? Well, here's your chance!!! Don't miss out on your opportunity to enroll in "ERIC VOGELER'S REVOLUTIONARY DOLLARS A MONTH FOR LITTLE OR NO WORK, I PROMISE IT WILL WORK, IT ALREADY WORKED FOR ME AND MANY, MANY OTHERS JUST SEND ME YOUR MONEY" program. With just a click of a few buttons, you too can sign up for Google's AdSense and make up to (and maybe even more than) $4.41 a month. I'll teach you how! Just forward me one low payment of $35.00--cash or money order only--and I will send you the secret to making this supplemental (and maybe even career-ending) monthly income, courtesy of Google and its advertising partners. How did I go from making a depressing dollars-an-hour income to this incredible dollars-a-month figure? Where did I get the gumption, the drive, the moxy to pull off this unbelievable, life-changing venture? Easy. Just point, click, and some other little variables that I'm happy to share with you at your expense, you too can enjoy the easy life that I am sure is about to come my way. It's fantastic, it's simple, and most importantly, it has bought me a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, two fries, and a Jr. Frosty. In one month! What other program can guarantee that?! Answer: None. So come on in, my friends. The water, and the money, is fine. Just look at the people who have already tried it!


Anonymous said...

Sign me up!

Christin said...

You forgot to mention how comforting it is for the unemployed (like yourself) to at least bring in SOME income!

The Jake said...

Hey! Looks like someone's aspiring to become a copywriter like me. ;) Your Adsense account doesn't look to be doing so well though.

Anonymous said...

Oi Eric!!Eh a Paloma,srrs..Como vc esta??Escrevir um email a vc mais acho que nao chegou.Mas ja acabou a faculdade??Estou gravida de 5 meses.Vamos manter contato,ok..Abracao

gurrbonzo said...

Uh oh. Eric, you may have failed to disclose a little something. How about the fact that (if my sources are correct), you did not actually RECEIVE that $4.41 per month? I'm pretty sure google only sends money when an account reaches $100. Sooo, at this rate, it's only 23 more months til you get your money! Which will really come in handy mid-to-late 2011! It's like they're a savings account or something!!

ebv said...

Gurrbonzo--you too can invest in Google's AdSense savings account!

It's like your own personal stimulus package!!!

Imagine the joy, when in August of 2011, you walk in the door with a brand new mini-fridge? Any husband or wife will be hard-pressed to not give you some sweet appliance-sugar right then and there.

Just send me 35.00 and I too will share the secret to your own Google Savings and Security Bond Account for future millions!!!

Act now, and I will throw in a spatula. Seriously.