I marry my sweetheart. I met her 600 days ago today. I can't wait for the next 600... and the next. And the next. I believe it was the Bard who said "Love is a many-splendored thing." Or a 1950s Hollywood movie. Either way, they're both right. I. Am. Splendored.



Score Keeping

Influenza: 1 ebv: 0 I guess this is one way of staying out of temptation's way a week before the wedding. Seriously, though. The flu stinks. Big time. That is all. PS--Bless mothers. My mom took me to the emergency room this morning. At 6 am. And waited the whole time through. PPS--Bless fiancees. Erin brought me chicken soup, Riccola, a cookie, and some hugs. I don't know if I can love her more than I do right now. PPPS--I'm fine. Nothing a little Tamiflu, NyQuil, and Ibuprofen can't fix.


You Live, You Learn, You Get Engaged...

Engagement has been... interesting. No, don't get me wrong. It has been awesome, but definitely, most definitely interesting. Some of the most memorable moments? Well, there was the time I felt like a chubby little kid in a candy store built for chubby little kids when Erin asked me to "Go register for us at REI." I couldn't make it out to the store itself, but I kid you not, I clapped my hands and squealed like a little girl when she asked me to do it all online. You want to know the way to a man's joy (beside becoming his bride)? Give him a gift certificate to a place where he can acquire "gear." Doesn't matter what kind. Electronic, mechanical, home improvement, computer... oh, and anything with lasers is perfect. (My brain just went to a happy place for a minute while writing that). Unfortunately, some of the big engagement moments have been less fun than REI. Like the time I felt like a useless little kid when we ran into some speedbumps with our engagement pictures. Thankfully, Erin is a champion hugger and a wonderful supporter. Oh, and then there was the time the mattress salesman tried to ring us up for 100.00 dollars more than he had quoted us at. That one still gets my goat. And then there was the dishes incident. *sigh*. I realize that this was a naughty swear in the Vogeler home when we were little, but here goes: Boys can be buttheads sometimes. Especially me. And don't forget the Target incident. Ditto to above. (Sorry, darlin'!) Ah, but back to the joy... I was so pleased this last weekend when there came the friends and family bridal shower (one of four?). I had NO idea girls got so giddy when their girlfriends got married ...or so naughty. :D True, our engagement has been shorter than some, and it has come with its own ups and downs. But through it all (ALMOST THERE...STAY ON TARGET!), I have learned one thing for certain: I love my sweet Erin even more.