Seriously, so Blessed...

Finally. After all the hand wringing. After the days and months of noxious hypotheticals about: "Scatacre," "Mauveacre," "Hellacre," "Deuceacre," "Shillacre," "Dumbacre," etc. Criminals who break into a home in the nighttime with the intent to perform a felony therein only to be frustrated (and nearly blown apart) by the resident's booby-trap shotgun, Store owners who refuse to clean up the negligently spilled radioactive waste that has been sitting on their floor for hours, And those inevitable property owners who just kept deeding the same property to multiple buyers, heirs, and assignees over and over and over again..... It finally happened. Bar results were posted today. ....wait for it.... AND I PASSED! Welcome to Attorney Town, Population: Me.
[fist pump]


Five Weeks...Four Days

Until The Day. And yes, for those who might ask, I am counting. I almost hate to admit this, but I can understand now why so many Baby Mommy Bloggers put up widgets of their floating unborn fetuses replete with countdown (if you don't know what I'm talking about just surf the blogosphere for about 20 minutes), write for post after post upon post about how absolutely adorable their unique, one-of-a-kind baby is, gush about how perfect his or her bodily functions are, and wax eloquent about the joy of noxious smells and sounds that motherhood is. Why? Because I am daily tempted to Put up a widget declaring "It's only W Days, X Hours, Y Minutes, and Z Seconds 'til Hitchin Time!" or Write about how lovely it is when my recently-taken-ill Sweetheart coughs her guts out, sniffles, and then snuggles firmly into my shoulder for a quick nap. or Gush on and on about how no one else could be more beautiful, more amazing, or more fun to be with. or Share our recent mattress buying experience ("Too fresh, still too fresh..."). sigh Am I on the edge of becoming a Baby Mommy's Hubby Blogger? And did I just smile after writing that?