I'm Becoming a Couponer

I know. Exciting title to follow up my weeks(?!) of silence.

But follow me on this one.  If you live in Utah or are a fan of saving money, a dear friend of ours, we'll call her L, has started up her own couponing, saving, deals extravaganza blog: EAT PRAY SAVE.

It's like getting free money--all the time (kind of).  And who wouldn't like more of that? (don't answer that, Tea Partiers).

Anyway, go on over, give it a click. There are some stellar deals out there today...and hopefully every day.

Like today's: Free Korean Barbeque plate at Pei Wei.

Belly: "Another free lunch you say? Why thank you!"

Brain: "Belly, you're sure getting big.  Are you sure you need another restaurant lunch? Wouldn't carrots and celery be better for you?"

Belly: "Brain--it's free, you fool!  FREE!!!!"

Brain: "Good point.  Carry on."


Awkard People ... You Are Not Alone

Before I hit my obligatory "Best of 2010" post, I thought I'd present this series of pictures featuring Stanford Hero, Quarterback Extraordinaire, and most likely future multi-, multi-millionaire NFL Footballer: Andrew Luck.

It's comforting to know that even the greatest of athletes and Big Men on Campus can be horribly photophobic (appropriate usage? probably not).

Ok, not too bad.  "Hi, Mom!"  Usual stuff...

Again, not that awful, but still.  Begs the caption: "Do I haveta, coach? Do I haveta?!"

This one's getting better. I can just see Luck at the Heisman Trophy presentation trying to get in on the conversation.   "Ha ha ha. So I guess none of us won it, right? Right, guys... hey...guys?! Wasn't that wicked?! Like...GUYS? Hey! Come on, guys!!!! Don't be like that!"

And then there's the coup de grace. 

True art can never fully be described. But I'd sure like to hear someone try with this picture.