I'm Becoming a Couponer

I know. Exciting title to follow up my weeks(?!) of silence.

But follow me on this one.  If you live in Utah or are a fan of saving money, a dear friend of ours, we'll call her L, has started up her own couponing, saving, deals extravaganza blog: EAT PRAY SAVE.

It's like getting free money--all the time (kind of).  And who wouldn't like more of that? (don't answer that, Tea Partiers).

Anyway, go on over, give it a click. There are some stellar deals out there today...and hopefully every day.

Like today's: Free Korean Barbeque plate at Pei Wei.

Belly: "Another free lunch you say? Why thank you!"

Brain: "Belly, you're sure getting big.  Are you sure you need another restaurant lunch? Wouldn't carrots and celery be better for you?"

Belly: "Brain--it's free, you fool!  FREE!!!!"

Brain: "Good point.  Carry on."

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