Day One Down

Sick. Sick. Sick. The people who dreamt up the Bar are sick. But hey, if I want to play their game I have to play by their rules. All that said--Day One went well. Wrote for about seven straight hours. something like 60,000 characters. That's about 25 pages. Single Spaced. Got about three or four hours of sleep. Went to bed at eleven. Didn't sleep until 1. Woke up, fully awake, at four, mind spinning about torts and blogacre and inchoate crimes and evidentiary privileges and procedural vs. substantive warfares between rendering and reviewing states. I made so much room in my brain for this thing, that when I went to a wedding reception last week, I started forgetting names of good friends. I had to think about the bride's name. Hard. Sorry, Marisa! It's been a long road... So close... so so so so close. I hope this is coherent. It's about as close to drunk as i get. i love you all!


Annalisa said...

Hey Eric I understand the Distric 9 looks cool, but sadly is R. Perhaps a trailer called TRON legacy would lift your spirits. Chills. It gave me chills.
ps. Way to go on the bar. My ward is full of lawyers. let me know if you want to contact any of them for any reason. Some U grads and some BYU.

Jerkolas said...

Keep up the good work amigo. Almost there!

Sara said...

I ran into BYU grads at the bar and sat there perplexed for hours trying to remember their names. My classmates. Seriously?