Well, my grand experiment with Hot Words and World Tagging so far has been a failure. An utter, complete failure.

To my loyal readers, bless you. Continue the good fight and keep spreading the news.

We'll get the EBV onto every computer in this tiny world of ours soon!

In other news, Happy Birthday America! 221 years since the signing of the Constitution! Yaaaay! To put that into perspective, England recently celebrated its 10,000th anniversary. Congrats, England! You're OLD!

May we continue to celebrate our independence from a nation who didn't really mind losing us all that much by: blowing things up, setting our backyards on fire, and playing Straussian, stirring brass band music at really loud decibles!

*On a very serious note, I LOVE the 4th of July. And I adore Fireworks. Especially the ones that explode and cascade down like some fiery willow tree.

**On an even more very serious note, got my Stimulus check today. 300.00 of Patriotic Capitalistic Economic Theory! I'm going to track exactly how I use this money over the next little while to see just what kind of fun I can have while stimulating the economy.

Only in America can they make it your duty to go spend money.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

Isn't it nice to be hard at work stimulating... oh yes, the economy.

Mel said...

Those are my favorite fireworks too!