HELP!!! In preparation for the big 100...

Alright, I realize the irony of this message already, so let's get that out of the way. This is technically my 100th post (happy blog day!), and as my entrance into the centagenarians has approached, true to my alzheimer-esque personality, I've totally neglected this blog for the past week. Apologies! But I think you'll appreciate what I want to do with this.
I'm asking for your help with this BIG next post. Maybe I'm suffering from writer's block, maybe I'm a wicked smart reader-getter-marketer guy, and maybe I'm just a big ol' lame-o. All that aside, I want everyone who ever reads this blog to submit a comment, from which I'm going to compose my big "THREE-DIGIT EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!"
Your assignment is the following: ask the "ebv" a question about life, love, politics, sports, religion, or Utah (or even the topic of your choice). I will do my best to answer any and all queries sent my way.
I can't promise honest, accurate, or even coherent answers. But I can promise an honest effort to entertain. And it will be good.
Or it will be a disaster of epic proportions. Only time will tell.
Simply post those questions on the comments board of this post (located below). To those unfamiliar with this process (Mom...) simply left-click on the word "comments" at the bottom of this post and follow the instructions on the right side of the screen. You have until next Wednesday, March 5 at 6pm to leave your comments.
Any and all readers can post to my comments board, whether or not you have a blogger profile. So if you're a long-time, first-time, or un-willing reader and you've never commented, make this the time to start. And to those who comment all the time, don't let me down.
So log on, type on, rock on!!!
Thank you.


SteveJJohnson said...

What is the least favorite thing that you've endured in your life (besides law school) that you wouldn't change if you could do it over again?

Natalie L. said...

If you were able to choose one super-human power what would it be and why?

David said...

1. If everyone could have the same characteristic, what would you want it be - and of course why?

2. What would make Provo your ideal city?

3. Maybe I've missed this because I'm still working back on the blog. But what are the top differences between BYU and Utah grads?

Thanks Eric!

gurrbonzo said...

Would you prefer to walk in on your parents or have your parents walk in on you?

Anonymous said...

Which character on "The Office" do you relate with and why.

Kari said...

What's your favorite moment of law school thus far? What style of dance is your favorite?

Vanessa said...

I know, I know...I'm late. I'm sorry! But I must remain consistent in my habit of never meeting deadlines. I have a few questions that I need answered.
1. Is there anything good about the French? I mean, besides a fictional gay Nascar driver.
2. If Johnny has green eyes and loves ever-green trees, and Pam has brown eyes and loves oranges, then what does Miranda love?
This question was taken from my Mensa calendar. If you can't answer it, it's ok. Only 2% of the population can.
3. Who would win in a fight between Chuck Liddell and Chewbacca?
4. If you were running for President..nevermind. I'll skip that one.
5. Last question...How do you afford your Rock n' Roll lifestyle?

Anonymous said...
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Kyle said...

I took some time to think this question over. The last one was woefully inadequate.

(to be answered in a manner similar to a past blog entry)

If you were to compare each SCOTUS Justice to a Muppet/Cartoon character , with whom would you compare them?

Natalie L. said...

A-freaking-greed. God bless America for Battlestar Gallactica!