The Giants Win the Pennant....the Giants Win the Pennant... The Giants...!

Tremendous game! Couldn't be happier that the Patriots' pitch for a perfect season went down in a flame of mediocrity. Funny how we like to set up the evil Goliaths so that we cheer on the rock-slingin' Davids. Don't remember much from the game because of my current NyQuil-induced haze. I've got some kind of malicious infection camped out in my head and it's been there for days. Right now, I'd like to find a thick straw, jam it up my sinus cavity and suck out the evil nested there. Finding someone to suck it out might be a trick, however. As my roommate Matt noted, "Snake poison? Sure! Sinus fluids? No chance!" Kind of puts a new twist on "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose..." Ughhhh...just sneezed. I have to clean up the keyboard now.


Kari said...

Get the humidifier, get some sleep, and drink lots of fluids. :) Get well.

Marie Davies said...

Since you were sick, I'll recap the game for you. Eli Manning threw some crappy passes. Which caused my brother to say, "dude even I could throw that pass. Heck, even Marie could throw that pass" [which probably should have offended me, but even I could acknowledge that means he was throwing pretty sorrily]. And then he threw some more crappy passes. But no one intercepted. And then Tom Brady (sooo hot) got his cute little rear sacked a bunch. And then Eli threw a few more crappy passes, but again, no one intercepted, probably because, like me, they were sidetracked by Tom Brady's gorgeousness, and who can blame them. And then finally with 35 seconds left in the game Eli threw a good one to Plaxico and the Giants won, and Eli was named MVP even though apparently he throws like a girl, which is kind of embarassing for the entire NFL. But whatever. Go Giants! And Tom Brady!