A McKnight of the Realm

In the almighty words of Ron Burgundy, I submit to you the following:

"Hey, everyone! Come see how good I look!"

Only, I'm going to substitute the "I" in that statement with "Andrew McKnight." And of course, conjugate the verb to reflect the third person singular--"looks." How good Andrew looks. There.
Seriously, check out his blog. http://sosaidmybrain.blogspot.com/ It's smart, funny, thought-out, supported, and...well, basically everything this blog isn't. So after wasting some time here, go there. Right now. You won't regret it.


Barb said...

Nice photo (if I do say so myself!)

Steve, Liz and Jaxon said...

That is a priceless photo.

Andrew McKnight said...

Thanks for the publicity. However, I doubt anyone believes the part about your blog not being smart, funny, thought-out, and supported. I didn't believe it. And that is one excellent photo.

Eric, Emilee, MaryElizabeth, Clara, and Andrew. said...

Eric..we went private. I'll send you an invite so that you can take a peek every now and again. You'll have to shoot me an email though, emilemorgan@aol.com. Talk to you soon.

shjacobsen said...

Sex panther 60% of the time it works everytime