Home Again

(Provo...) has nothing on sunny Southern California. Except for the ratio of bleach-blonde, uber-tan quasi-adults who have a superiority complex, where Provo might actually win. Had a great trip, ate at In-n-Out Burger, and spent some quality time on the beach. Although, in order to drive home my Eor-like persona, Mother Nature made sure that most of California wasn't so sunny while I was down there. It rained a lot. Sad. :( But the interviews went well, as did Friday at Huntington Beach. I should be making approximately $50,000,000 next summer, give or take a few million. That is, of course, dependant on whether Mrs. Jones decides to divorce her husband and take him for all he's worth. Happy. :D On the way home, we were planning to go to St. George and sleep there, but at about 1:00 am decided to just push on through. We got home at about 4:00 am Sunday morning. Mixed Feelings. :L I'm actually composing this in the middle of my Advanced Legal Research Seminar, which has been going through a fascinating probe of LoisLaw--the nation's leading legal searchable online database. Actual quote from our lecturer--"If you look at your expert search tips on your left hand side, we have some handy connectors. If there are any questions, let's go back to our search page "Utah Case Law" and conduct our search. Isn't this exciting?!" Needless to say, I feel pretty good about doing this right now. Pleased and Sassy. ;p And for the record, I'll be trying to update more this week. :-}

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madelyn said...

We missed you this week in blogland. I hope your trip was fun. You know where else has beautiful sunny weather without all the blonds? AUSTIN!!! Come visit!