Holiday Apps

We got erv a brand new MacBook Pro for school a few months back.

It's been a nice purchase.  I hope she likes it. 

But for me, the real fun came in the form of the "free" iPod Touch that accompanied the Little Notebook that Could. 

Goodbye original 10,000 song iPod that was limited to four functions--Stop, Play, Rewind, and Fastforward.  and...Hello Apps!  You sexy little bits of pure data fun. The first thing I did, as any good parent would do, was look to protect and defend my our little iPod from dings and dents.  Now the our baby looks like this:
Now our little Speck 2 can safely ride in our pockets without fear of key scratches. 

But the relationship is mutual -- I we offer protection, and Speck 2 offers infotainment.  Months later and I'm hooked on Fruit Ninja (slicing through tropical vegetable matter with your icy katana blade was never this much fun) and Angry Birds (they're birds; they're angry; and you sling them at green-headed pigs (don't ask, just play)).  I can catch up on the latest news and weather on KSL's excellent App or listen to a Jazz game on 1320 KFAN. 

I even woke up early on the morning after "Blizzard 2010" (another disappointing story for another day) so I could grab the latest reports on my our iPod Touch.

With all that in mind, I've been thinking about some wicked amazing Apps that should be appearing soon on your our iPod, iPhone, and iPad soon.

So, in honor of the Twelve Days of Christmas, here come my Twelve Apps of Utah.  The first, and guaranteed bestseller: the BYU Fan App.  Look for it later today.


KEW said...

This is going to be awesome...

gurrbonzo said...

HEY! My kid LOVES fruit ninja! You guys have a lot in common. Except you are toilet-trained.

Regardless, hurray! ((zorro-esque slashing noises))

Sarah said...

Oh, Angry Birds...Jon is totally hooked. I don't get it...