App 3: Forget Me Knot

Full Version: $.99;  Lite Version: FREE

Ever have a hard time remembering what you're supposed to be doing, when?  Well--not anymore!

Remember when you (or your Grandmother) used to tie string around your finger in order to remember a chore, avoid that broken step, or keep in mind the perils of jalapeno oilForget Me Knot allows you to tie those knots to yourself....digitally!

Forget Me Knot's patented GPS guidance system allows it to sense with pinpoint accuracy if you're approaching that blasted step as you proceed upstairs.  For soccer-parents continually on the go, FMK can sense if you're nowhere near the middle school 15 minutes before Johnny is done with his marching band rehearsal and alert you accordingly.

But perhaps its finest feature is FMK's ability to sense odors in the surrounding atmosphere.  For the lactose intolerant, FMK can sense the subtlest of dairy products in that delicious pasta you were about to shove down your gullet.  For those who persist in tempting the fiery chiles of fate, FMK can even detect the level of heat in a chile and remind the user to put plastic gloves on for the love of all habanero!*

Simply program FMK to remind, warn, caution, counsel, or alert the user whenever the user is about to do something dumb, forbidden, or potentially regretful.

And, yes, for those of you wondering, FMK can even remind the most well-intentioned of bloggers that they haven't posted recently even when they promised up and down that they would.  In short, this is the perfect app for the forgetful family member, friend, or coworker.

Buy now.  Before you forget!

*Who knew that jalapeno oil could burn you simply by getting it on your skin?!  Oh, jalapeno, how you seductively vex me!

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