Christmas Eve Thoughts

  • How awesome is A Muppets Christmas Carol?  Has there been a more convincing Charles Dickens than The Great Gonzo?  And "Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas" might be the catchiest showtune of the 90s.  This is a criminally underappreciated film.

  • TRON: Legacy was the longest music video I've ever seen, but maybe also the best.  Daft Punk scored the music and Pixar helped with the graphics and story.  It was like being at a crazy dance party...a 3D, PG-rated dance party.  (Fret not! lovers of the original TRON. This one has a lame, incromprehensible plot too!)

  • Christmas Traditions are awesome:
    • Stockings
    • Christmas Trees
    • Presents
    • Christmas Cheer
    • Christmas Eve, which at my house growing up included
      • Pork loin
      • Stuffing
      • Bavarian Bratwursts, or Pulser in the original Norwegian
      • Rice cream with Raspberry Syrup and a hidden almond in one of the bowls
      • Christmas Eve Movies
      • Christmas morning breakfast
      • The Post-gift giving/getting glow and subsequent exhaustion and nap.

  • Remembering that we celebrate Christmas to honor the greatest Gift ever given and that as we reunite with family and friends, we have a Hope of reuniting again after our time has passed.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Liz'n'Steven said...

I second you that Muppet Christmas Carol is fantastic.

Christin said...

Lane loves the Muppet Christmas Carol and I gained a true appreciation for it as well. It really is the best. Merry Christmas to the Vogler's!

The Grandmother Here said...

I know a manly soldier in Iraq who likes the muppets too.