How could I have forgotten?!

Honorable Mention: Pam Beasley Pam is low-key, funny, artsy, hip, and as Scoot noted "naturally easy on the eyes." Pam, for your dedication to the office, your crafts, and for finally making room for Jim in your life--plus you are just so stinking adorable it's hot--you get your own slot in the poll. Thanks, Scott. Also-rans: Princess Peach--Good enough for Mario, just not quite good enough for us. Elle Woods--lawyerly and pretty, ultimately Elle was just a touch too high-maintenance. Arwen--Elven Princess? Awesome. Elf ears? Fantastic. Total disappearance in the last two movies? Booooo. Ultimately, she was Rivendell's Queen of Cute, but just couldn't get past the fact that her Daddy is Steven Tyler.


SGarff said...

Good concept Eric and nice hedge Scott, with the whole “Courtney is my ‘where is my…” So I will do the same. April is my…everything, but here are a few more fictional females that I would put on the list.

Olivia Wenscombe (The Prestige): Ok fine, it’s only because she was played by Scarlett Johansson.

Elizabeth Swann: Maybe it was because I was working on a boy’s ranch with very little contact with the fairer sex when I saw Pirates but I have to put her on the list. Sure she was a bit snooty and we all knew that she would never fall for someone so beneath her level as myself, but when she went for the lowly blacksmith-elf-guy we all thought we might have a chance.

Sofia Semyonovna Marmeladova (Sonia) (Crime and Punishment): For her incredibly pure heart and concern for others.

Dagny Taggart: If you made it all the way trough the over 1,000 pages of objectivist/egoist argumentation that is Atlas Shrugged then you couldn’t help but develop a little thing for Dagny. She’s independent, strong willed, determined, and did I mention rich. In fact she’s like a CEO-or something-of the nation’s biggest railroad. Also, she’s not completely insane, unlike Dominique Francon. Alas, Dagny is a little on the loose side-drifting between three different men in the quad-sized book. Plus we all were a little miffed when she left Hank Reardon for John Galt. I mean, who is John Galt anyway?

Kenny said...

Disturbing lack of obscure geek-chicks on your list, I have to say.

Lt. Nara Burns: From the epic American cartoon Exo Squad. She pilots a mech, she's acrobatic, family is her top priority, and it's clear that she sees inner beauty when she falls for a blue-skinned artificial life-form, so even the ugliest of geeks has a shot.

Rydia of Mist: From Final Fantasy IV. After the evil king orders you kill her mother and burn her village to the ground, Rydia not only forgives you and puts you back on the path of goodness and overcomes her fear of fire to unblock a snowy pass, she then gets trapped underground in a world full of monsters and masters the ability to summon them at will. Sad enough to need comfort from a strong guy, but strong enough to kick your trash if necessary.

Aeris Gainsborough: And on that note; Aeris, the sweet flower-seller who also happens to be able to summon legions of angels to protect your party in battle, was a lot of people's first video-game love. The villain Sephiroth is terrifying beyond all reason, but when he kills Aeris, suddenly you don't care that he possesses nigh-godlike powers. In that moment you know: he's going down. A woman who is beautiful, powerful, and a great motivator? Definitely.

Min Farshaw: By far the most adorable of Robert Jordan's varied female cast, Min also sees glimpses of the future. Useful skill in a woman! Unlike most of the other women in the series, Min never holds her man in contempt. She loves absolutely.

LeeLoo: She's the supreme being, and she stars in one of the coolest sci-fi movies ever made. What more do you need to know?

But the most egregious oversight of all:

Belle: From Disney's Beauty and the Beast; Ariel had the shells and Megara had the attitude, but everyone knows that when it comes to women, gorgeous brainy chicks who dig hideous guys are tops. Add to that a fabulous singing voice, a strong commitment to family, a remarkable work-ethic, and the resolve to take on a pack of wolves single-handedly... well.

You picked some good ones, but this should round out your list a bit. d^_^b Somebody already mentioned Mary Jane Watson from Spider-man (from the comic books and the cartoons--not the movies) otherwise I would include her here as well. Everybody knows geek chicks rule.

ebv said...

Well done, Kenny!!! I'm mad I forgot to include Belle. She is, bar none, the greatest of the Disney Princesses.

Jerkolas said...

I hate to be the one to point this out, but I believe you mean Arwen, not Eowyn, though I would definitely put Eowyn on any list of nerd dream girls. Oh and Natalie Portman Amidala.

ebv said...

Thanks, Tom!