Diary of an 8-Bit Pioneer, pt. 2

March 14, 1848. TRAGEDY!! We hit the Big Blue River Crossing today and tried to caulk the wagon again. It tipped over in the water and we lost several things--including a wagon axel and an ox. We were warned by the local ferryman, but Pa ignored him. March 17, 1848. Food is scarce. Pa has asked us to take on less filling rations of food. He refers to them as "meager portions." March 18, 1848. While we ran into some wild fruit the other day, Pa thinks a thief may have snuck up in the night and taken about 50 pounds of our food. Pa is going to go hunting tomorrow and says I can come with. March 19, 1848. No success today--some rabbits and squirrels around, but Pa's not the best shot on earth--or on the plains for that matter. He has a hard time walking around trees and rocks, and seems to shoot into the grass and tress more often than not. Pa will keep trying until we can store up enough food to make it to Chimney Rock. I still believe in him. April 14, 1848. Finally!!! Pa has gotten better at killing things. Although, I find it strange that whenever we go out lately, he'll bag a bison and only take home a thigh. We leave about a thousand pounds of meat out on the planes every time we go out, and bring home a hundred. It seems...somehow wrong. Oh well. I'm sure we'll be on our way soon. April 29, 1848. Noticed some interesting things today as Pa was hunting. His skin is the same color as his clothes. Come to mention it, the animals are all the same color, too. Also, I watched some animals run right up to him, practically tag him, and then run away before he could turn and shoot. Pa's still not the best hunter around... But the most frustrating thing? Pa will go out, there will be an animal in his sites, but then just as it seems like he's going to kill it, he has to pack up and leave. It's like he only gets 30 seconds to hunt and then....OVER. Strange... May 1, 1848. Pa's still hunting. We have over 4000 pounds of food, but he seems to enjoy it. In fact, even when he gets a buffalo and knows he can't bring home more than 100 lbs, he'll still shoot a deer or one of those 3 lb squirrels "just for the rush." I'm worried for Pa. I think he misses Ma. She never should have eaten that "black beet." May 10, 1848. Pa finally seems tired of hunting. 5,000 lbs of food later, and about 400 bullets later, he's finished. So we set out this morning at a strenuous pace. Pa is worried about making it to Oregon before winter. May 31, 1848. These past two weeks have been rough. I had a bout of consumption from the water, poor little Stacey A caught cholera, and Richard B broke both of his arms. We're all going to pull through, I think... I hope.

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