A Lovely Update

A few months ago, I posted about one of my favorite professors at BYU Law and his struggle with ALS--"Lou Gehrig's Disease." Well, seems like the MLB listened to the man, and will be raising money for the ALS cause this next July 4, 2009. Check it out here: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/03/sports/baseball/03vecsey.html?_r=2 So many hearty congratulations to Professor Goldsmith and all those who deal with ALS in their own lives and those of their loved ones.


kickals said...

People have been trying for so long to get a National Campaign for ALS together and nothing has worked. This brilliant article finally hit the desks of the right people and it is an amazing gift that Michael Goldsmith has given the ALS Community. I hope everyone does something to honor this day but more importantly, do something to honor people dying everyday from this disease. A disease which leaves your mind intact but locks you in a paralyzed body. The lucky ones die in 2 years but some make it for 5 sometimes 10 years. Perhaps this will be the year that people notice and make it their cause to help. Just as they did for Breast Cancer and Prostate cancer. There is no cure, no drug. Just "go home and get your affairs in order." Michael Goldsmith didn't take that for an answer and I am in awe at what he has accomplished.
(great blog title by the way) and thanks for posting.

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing. Great news. I love Goldsmith.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading post #99. It looks like you have mixed up the Honors Program with the Honor Code Office. The photo is the current Honors Program Director who has no affiliation with the Honor Code Office. I just thought you might want to know.