Resolutions '09

Before I launch into this year's 7 goals (tomorrow or so), I want to recap last year's a little bit. I was kinda surprised at how well I did. I'll save the biggest goal (Find a Special Someone) for last in this post.
2) Get healthier Check. Although, my lack of health insurance at the moment may influence that... 3) Use my Gold’s Gym Pass to the Point That Gold Loses Money on Me Doing better. The people at Gold's Provo know me on sight, at least, and that made me happy. 4) Go to New York for a Long Weekend Made it in October for Fall Break! Here's another that requires an in-depth, quoted look: "Broadway—I need to see a Broadway production. I’ve never seen one other than those traveling productions that make their slow to Utah 15 years after they premiere in New York. Wicked, the Producers, Young Frankenstein…Something! Ended up being "Mary Poppins" and "In the Heights." Eat real New York pizza in a real New York Pizzeria. For whatever dumb reason, this one didn't happen. Oh well! I'll just have to go again... See the Statue of Liberty Check. Chase Pigeons and/or Homeless People in Central Park Surprisingly, neither really ran away. They both just kinda looked at me like "Really? Are you really gonna do that?!" See David Letterman or Conan O’Brien, or maybe both. I saw them, but only on the TV at the apartment/large room I stayed in. Find Jerry Seinfeld and act like he’s an old family friend. Unfortunately, Jerry acted like I was an old family friend that he wanted to stay away from. 5) Have a Better Attitude When it Comes To:
Law School. Check.
Provo. Maybe check. Depends on the day/time/mood/food I'm eating.
Traffic. I need to do better on this one. Driving here is like navigating a shopping cart at a Costco liquidation sale. Pain. Went through some last year. I can't say that I always had a smile on my face, but I hope I learned to weather it better. And it did make me appreciate what I have so much more. Friends. I wanted to send everyone I know a note telling them what they meant to me. Didn't quite do it. I think my impending law school graduation may just make me nostalgic enough to do it. Look for yours in the mail, the interweb, or the blogonets. Family. I'll just repeat what i said last year. "they have a special place in my heart, and I hope they know how much I love them." I still do. Even more. Crappy Media. "I'm going to be more selective about what I put into the old noggin. That includes movies, books, TV shows...the works. If it's not worth my time, instead of complaining about how much of a waste of time that was, I'm simply not going to waste time on it." I think I did so much better this year. Although this hasn't been the greatest movie/book/TV year of all time, what I did go see I generally liked. I didn't waste my time on it unless I heard good things.
6) Stop Smoking...er...Procrastinating. Notice how this "New Year's" blog is coming out nearly three weeks into the New Year? Yeah...this one will stay on the list for 2009.
7) Start a New Blog
Did it. Had to stop it for school, though. I may pick it back up one of these days, or just start a new one. Maybe I could turn this into a career... Lord knows that legal work is struggling right now. OK, and back to the number one goal I had for 2008. I'm still so glad I made it. 1) Find a Special Someone. Accomplished. Here's what I wrote about her way before I met her:
"It doesn’t even have to be that special someone. Just a special someone." She's definitely special. My reason for not being able to find her earlier? "I couldn’t chase down a wounded tortoise without getting winded, let alone a 120 lb girl." Good thing she weighed less than 120. ;) Then I launched into a list of the things I'd be willing to do to find her. "You see, on too many days I’ve come home defeated, tired, sore, and contemplating whether or not I could have made it as a screenwriter or circus performer. Those are the lonely days when all I want is to know that someone out there likes me, and is rooting for me, and wants me to be happy. Therefore, to find her, I will go out more; Met her at the MTC--asked her out a few weeks later. Thanks to Kathleen Cannon's "All Out Dating Campaign Advice." Thanks, Kathleen! I will follow through joyfully with blind dates; This one wasn't technically blind, but we really didn't know each other well when we went disco skating... I will ask out that unbelievably cute girl even though I think she might have a boyfriend; She was that unbelievably cute "MTC girl", and I did think she might have a boyfriend. How could she not?! I will wear my BYU Law shirts on the other side of campus; Check. Didn't work on her though. I will tell a girl when she looks good; I hope I told her that every day. Because she did. I will flirt; ...like an Italian man on a gondola of love. I will buy flowers; Best combo ever--two Stargazer Lillies, three Gerber Daisies, three long-stemmed Roses, Bells of Ireland, and a smile. I will watch a Romantic Comedy; Doris Day, Katherine Hepburn, and Gillian Anderson...alright, that last one was for me, but still... I will tell a girl that, Yes! Garth Brooks does have an amazing butt; OK, this one was a lie, but I did listen to his music...huge step for me. I will do any and every asinine thing required to find and hold on to her, because she’s out there, and she’s going to be worth it, because she’s amazing." I really probably did. Because she is amazing. She really is. It may not have worked out like either of us wanted, expected, or hoped, but you are amazing. And worth it.

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