Jason Chaffetz--Putting the C back in Conservative

This is why I didn't like this guy. Follow this link to Jason Chaffetz' "Inaugural Address." First day on the job and you call the President-elect a "Socialist" as though it's an epithet? Nice one, Jason. First-term Congressman in the minority party, and you are going to effect change? Stave off the horrible effects of...what exactly? Hey, props for the energy and zeal, but...really?! Back to the socialism thing. I've been hearing this a lot lately. That Mr. Obama is a socialist and that he's going to bring about the final destruction of our nation that has been in embryo ever since Bill Clinton had his grubby hands around the nation's throat. I hate to break this to everybody, but the United States has been Socialist for a LOOOOOOONG time. Even more so since this bailout. We the people now own a considerable portion of our banking system courtesy of...GASP...a Republican President. Now, before people choke on their capitalistic doughnuts and coffee, this isn't the "evil" kind of socialism practiced by our neighbors to the North and throughout Europe. (Although, funny thing, that darn socialism happens to be the governmental system of countries with consistently the highest standards of living). I just don't think anyone can argue that our system of government hasn't already become a form of socialism mixed with a heavy dose of capitalism. If they think they can, I invite them to comment. That said, my favorite apocalyptic saying being thrown about in Utah county today? "With Obama in office, I'm moving to Canada before socialism takes over." Unintentional irony is a delicious meal... best served in Provo I think. :D


Joseph said...

And that's why I campaigned against Chaffetz.

Andrew McKnight said...

Excellent post. I'm more worried about certain fellow citizens contentedly living in their seemingly self-imposed ignorance. If the cry of "socialist" isn't enough, I still have people telling me that President-Elect Obama doesn't recite the pledge.

Fortunately we have better informed people like you that keep me from worrying too much.

Sally said...

hahahaha! moving to Canada to escape Socialism? very delicious.

Marie said...

Must say, I loved this post!! Thanks for keeping things in perspective.

The Blind Men and The Elephant said...

A. And yet nothing about how Chaffetz talked about putting illegal Mexican's in internment camps before they are sent back to Mexico.
B. We have a democratic house, senate and executive office. I'm afraid, Eric, very, very afraid. I think if Obama is like Clinton, we'll see the republican rally and I think we'll see another Newt Gingrich-esqu situation in 2010.
C. They meant Northern Canada like where only penguins live or where the Clause's reside. Come to think of it, doesn't Santa give free hand outs too? If this person really wants to escape the horrors of the socialism, better head to the deepest part of the African Congo. No socialism there. Tribal warfare- yes but not a socialist in sight. As the saying goes on election day in the Congo- Biggest machete wins -course the other guy is dead so it doesn't really matter.