Car Scratching

Well, noticed the front bumper of my beloved Corolla this morning had some nifty scratches on it, courtesy of some inconsiderate other bumper. A couple took off the paint. I've narrowed down the possible locales for the damage: Church or the Law School. Whichever venue it was, no one left a note. Sigh. The irony is scrawling itself across some after-life's sky as you read this. If there is a hell, there is a unique place for non-note-leavers. Or at least a short stop in purgatory. Maybe one where they have to write me a note with their contact info in order to get through the pearly gates. (Insert frustrated pejorative term here). Current Mood: Burning Out Like the Lone Ember in the Long-Extinguished Firepit of Academia.


Mel said...

That sucks. Incidentally, the only place I've ever had my car keyed was in a BYU parking lot.

Christin said...

I agree, or at least I hope you are right about the fate of car vandals! I checked out my car today at the impound lot and was mortified. I don't understand how people do such things.

AlliSMiles said...

MAN! my worst scratches (some pretty deep) have come at school and church. UnREAL. glad that their integrity isn't worth a couple hundred bucks, if that.