Stating the Obvious... w/ FEELING


Early morning, Salt Lake City. Still gray from clouds and sun that hasn't peaked over the mountains yet. Frosted windshields, but no snow to speak of.

I'm walking out to the car when I pass a pleasant looking woman. She's standing behind the car door, one leg tucked into the car, blowing on her cupped hands.

We make eye contact for a split second. We hold the other's gaze for only a split second, but that's enough. We know this kind of interaction requires a reciprocal acknowledgment of the contact, or else it just gets plain awkward.

"Morning..." she says, giving the end of the word a slight tug upwards.

"Morning." I reply, letting the word down slowly, signaling to her that, Yes, I was OK with our eye contact and I hoped she had a lovely rest of the day, but that was going to be the end of our conversation because I have to get to work and, let's be honest, I don't really know her and don't really care to get to know her.

It's cold. I make it to the car, rubbing my hands together. I get a text from my wife "Thank you for lunch. I love you."

It's not so cold anymore.


Today made me think about how wonderful the mundane can be. How the ordinary can be thrilling.

Think about it. I know my wife loves me. Most of the time.

But getting a text from her like that? It just makes my soul smile.

And then the one word interaction. This one caused me to think. What else do we say in one word that can have so much meaning as to replace a conversation? What would happen if we just had to rely solely on singular nouns and tone of voice?







I think you could say more than you'd imagine this way.

Language is fun.

Call me Captain Obvious.


Christin said...

That is fun, and your wife does love you, and I am so grateful for dinner and your friendship. FrIeNdShIp!!

Matthew said...

You're one of the last of the true !ROMANTICS!, my friend ... bless you.

Anonymous said...