A Rough Tuesday

I thought of putting this up Tuesday right after it happened, but my dear wife was taking the GMAT the next day and I didn't want to unnecessarily stress her out.

So I just bore a kick in the head from a crazed defendant with three ibuprofen and the knowledge that most of my days are really boring.

Not Tuesday.

Probably the best take was from the Deseret News--pasted below. (For the record, the bailiff and I did secure the defendant. No "trying" here. I'm a "do or do not" kind of guy).

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Anyway, here's the story.  And you thought lawyers were boring.

Clearfield man, Scott Kirby Paterson goes after victim in court after child sex abuse conviction

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 9:36 a.m. MST

BOUNTIFUL — Minutes after a jury found him guilty Tuesday of sexually abusing a child, authorities say a Clearfield man jumped into the courtroom gallery and went after his 12-year-old victim and her family.

"He went right to them," said 2nd District Court clerk Vicki Leo. "It was extremely scary. I've been a court clerk for 20-something years, and it's nothing like I've ever seen before."

Scott Kirby Patterson, 50, was convicted Tuesday of two counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child, a first-degree felony, and two counts of lewdness involving a child, a class A misdemeanor. The verdict was handed down after a two-day jury trial.

"As the verdict was being read, I observed the defendant, Scott Kirby Patterson, turn his head to his right and stare toward the victim and her family on the front row," Davis County sheriff's deputy Dave Grondel wrote in an incident report obtained by the Deseret News. "This lasted for approximately 10 seconds, then the defendant looked forward."

The deputy said he was then asked by 2nd District Judge Thomas L. Kay to take Patterson into custody, pending sentencing. Grondel said as he approached Patterson, the man stood, flipped over his chair and charged him.

"I took a step backwards and was attempting to unholster my Taser," the deputy wrote. "The defendant then proceeded toward the front-row area and was attempting to get to the victim and her mother and the rest of her family members."

The victim's uncle and her brother-in-law stood up and grabbed Patterson's arms to stop the attack, according to Grondel's report. The deputy and a law clerk then tried to gain control of Patterson, "but he was actively resisting arrest," the report states.

A second deputy entered the courtroom, and Patterson was taken into custody.

"The little girl and her mom were clearly shaken up," said Rick Westmoreland, the deputy Davis County attorney who prosecuted Patterson.

The victim in the case was 10-year-old when Patterson sexually abused her, Westmoreland said, noting that Patterson held a position of special trust with the girl.

The prosecutor said the girl and her family are grateful now that Patterson must serve mandatory prison time as a result of the jury's verdict, "so they won't have to deal with that kind of anger and rage for a lot of years."

The sheriff's office is reviewing Tuesday's incident and may ask prosecutors to file additional charges against Patterson.

Patterson is being held in the Davis County Jail. He faces a mandatory term of six, 10 or 15 years to life in prison on each of the aggravated sex abuse charges and up to a year in jail on each of the lewdness charges when he is sentenced March 18.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

ACK! How terrifying! You are a hero! I'm no one was seriously injured but how scared that child must have been. Ooh, people like that just make me so angry.

Sandy said...

Thank you for being a "do or do not" kind of guy. My family appreciated your help so very much. I am very grateful! (sorry about the headache - we owe you some ibuprofen!)

Rachel said...

AHHH!!! Crazy! I love courtroom drama. Glad he didn't get to that girl. Super super creepy.

Gary said...

I take it you were the law clerk? The best I got was a mental incompetent going off in court one time where the transport officers had to physically remove him after taking him to the ground. I participated by unlocking the door and shoving him through it. Not nearly as exciting.

I'll tell you though, I expect one of my Child Support defendants to go off one of these days. They often get that look.

Anyway, what a cool story you now have to tell.

Ru said...

Oh my gosh, you're law clerk!! I read this story before now, too! Wacky, Vogeler, wacky.

Good luck to Erin on the GMAT! Where is she applying? My sis is going through that, too.

Merry said...

Huh! I read about this on Tuesday, and was really surprised about it then. And now I'm surprised even more because you were involved! What a crazy world!

SkippyMom said...

Not blaming the victim, please understand, but I have a 12 year old daughter and I have to wonder of the intelligence of having the poor girl in the courtroom for anything but her testimony.

Hasn't she been traumatized enough?

Trying to attack the parents is one thing, but now this poor girl has this added to what the man has already done.

Christin said...

Wow! What a story. My internship is with sex offenders and most of them are not that bad, but I am glad that this guy is serving maximum time! I can't stand sex offenders who are not empathetic towards the hell they have put their victums through.