Still haven't delved into Twitter.  I have a hard enough time staying current with Facebook.  Am I getting techno-old? Resisting the latest and greatest?! If so, convince me.

Wondered today what famous people (and other entities) who don't use Twitter would Tweet if they used the site...

@TSMonson: Don't get me wrong, but if I hear one more 747 spiritual allegory, Lufthansa is getting grounded.

@cbutt: lejislateiv seshun is goin good.  Twelth Grayd gotta go!!!

@jSloan: It's days like this that I think back to the good ol' days.  Heck, I even miss 'Tag.

@PoBAM: Let me be clear: Michelle and I have our issues with teleprompters.

@GBeckStar: Just heard about this "Tea Party" thing. Wondering if people really believe that I believe the things I say on air.  Have they heard of satire?

@Canada: Sucks to be America, eh, hosers?

@America: @Canada: You're still in Canada.

@Provo:  It's a good time to be me.

@SLC:  @Provo: You're still in Utah County.

@Sinatra:  Who is this Buble guy? Hey, Corlione, have you heard of this Buble guy?

@MeatLoaf: Remember me? I used to grace your kitchen table. Now you've gone all sissy "organic" on me. You used to be cool, American Dinner. You used to be cool.

@Toyoda: Man, this has been a bad couple of weeks.

@SHRBill:  I'm just a bill, just a multi-billion dollar failed bill.  And I'm sitting here stalled on Capitol Hill.  But I know I'll be a law someday, at least I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill.

@JimmerDette:  I. Am. Awesome.

@smire: Just heard about this "Team Edward" thing. I wonder if people really believe I believe the things I write? Have they ever heard of satire?

@DarthVader:  Had "the talk" with Luke & Leia today.  Went great, I think...but man they looked awkward. Kept scooting away from each other and blushing all the time. Guess this is what I get for being an absentee Sith Lord.

@Handiana Ryan: Planning another run at Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Witness, and Jack Ryan novels in the next year.  70 is totally the next 30.

@chinesefood:  I'm delicious. But I kinda miss MSG.  We had a good thing.

@indianfood:  @chinesefood: sucka! You're /so/ yesterday's curry.

@pizza:  @indianfood: say that in forty years and you'll be in my ballpark, baby.


Christin said...

I'd follow you on twitter.

Erin said...

You are so clever epic

Jerkolas said...

When I saw Meatloaf I immediately thought of the singer. I think it still sort of works.

Allison and Josh said...

haha! I love it. Especially the jimmerdette one. My cousin is dating him and I am NOT happy about it. He does think he's awesome...

Mel said...

Still laughing out loud about the @cbutt post 10 minutes after the fact...

Sara said...

I feel like you just went way beyond twitter...you're amazing.

C. David Gravett said...

@Udorf: if you get your widows, then I get my 747's.