A year to remember.
First, and in honor of the Reader's Choice for Most Passion-Inspiring Nintendo Character, 1985 saw the beginning of:
Whether he was revelling in your accomplishments as a dead-eye duck hunter,
or chuckling in your face as the ducks made their way safely out of your 8-bit screen,
we all know we tried to shoot the dog.
And if we could right now, we'd do it again. Gladly.

And, in fact, you can do just that here-- http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/duckhunt/.

Also in 1985:

-The highly ranked BYU football team, coming off their National Championship, and with their eye on another couple of weeks sans Honor Code, loses to the mighty Miners of UTEP--their only win of the season. A mighty cheer erupts from the hill in Salt Lake City, while wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of clothes combine to cause Provo's collective ego to...well...stay about where it was.

-Mike Tyson makes his professional debut in Albany, NY, launching a storied, high-pitched, low-punched, nail/ear/girl-biting career. Somewhere, somehow a Japanese programmer begins to develop the Anti-Mike: Little Mick, the 8-bit wunderkind. Next post will outline Little Mick's much more storied and happier-ending career.

-The Disney World monorail catches fire due to the friction from a flat tire. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, monorails continue to be built nation-wide as the "greatest innovation in public transportation since the bus." Yeah, ask Seattle how that went.

-Norm Bangerter begins his first term in office as Utah governor. His greatest achievement--the highway bearing his name--is completed shortly thereafter (well, OK, 1998). Other potential names for the stretch of road:

a. The Mormon Motorway

b. The Salt Lake Sheet Street

c. The Westside Highway (REALLY!) http://members.aol.com/utahhwys/rte154.htm

-Eric Vogeler begins to have memories. His first: Asking his mother mid-June when his birthday would be, as this promised cake, presents, and finally some attention. Her response "Not for another six months." So begins Eric's preoccupation with birthday countdowns.

1985 Present: Optimus Prime. My Parents Loved Me.


shjacobsen said...

If the dog is so great then where is his award winning series of games (see link and the zelda series) and how many people thought he wasa good choice in smash bros.......oh wait he wasn't even in ANY of the various smash bros. title. LINK WINS!

It's just me... said...

I provided the much anticipated answers to your expectant questions on my site - but since I know the law school chains you to books discussing whether P can sue D, even though it was J who hit P. Yet J hit P because his attention was diverted by an accident caused by D, who was driving drunk.

Phew...after all that I'm just glad I'm S.

Ok, so here are the expected answers:
1) Things are good - great at times.
2) CA is lovely - and today it is a nice 86 degrees. The fires are out - which is good - the smog is back - which is bad. I hope this fuels your starved law school jailed imagination.
3) EKB decided to forgo golden brick pathway to Justicehood because he understood you were on it - and since the Wizard only grants a few wishes, you get it!

Now, I only have one for you:

Who is the her that you were missing?!?!

I respectfully, but not patiently, await your response.

Sarah said...

yay for Uncle Norm!