Here are some photos, etc. of my latest journey. Last weekend (holiday--Corpus Christi. Awesome) we went up the coast of Sao Paulo State and hit some beaches, swam a bit, and generally made ourselves tired. I swear, before I graduate from Law School, I am going to take a cruise and sleep the entire time we're on the ocean.

The morning of the first day. I was tired.

Speaking of oceans, I'm thinking of calling our boy-band "Footsteps" or "Tides of Sao Paulo." If you have good ideas, please share.

From left to right: Daniel, Sergio, Me, Valerio. Gente Boa!

Me and Valerio (my ex-companion who is graciously putting me up while down here) on the ferry. (*embarrasing note: I couldn't remember the word for ferry. "Balsa" was the only thing that would come to mind.)

I think there was a seagull out there, or maybe another ferry, but whatever it was, it was captivating.

The city of Santos. Would make a great postcard, don't you think?


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, Eric, I have totally been to all those beaches. Santos is really pretty but pretty poluted...is it still like that? Okay, if you have another chance to take a trip on a weekend while you're still in SP, go to Ilha Bella...it's one of the most beautiful places I've been in my life!

Barb said...


Whitty Lin said...

You are truly blessed for being in such a beautiful place! Let me know when your boy band's first album is released.