A bit of Verse

It's that time again: Eric's Self-Indulgent Poetry Time. I found this one lying around in my old Poetry 3730 Notebook. I think we were working with meter, rhythm, and rhyme. Enjoy. UNTITLED I walk the Dog down City streets and Watch him wag his Tail The leash pulls Hard on my thick Arm as we Now chase a Snail Upon the Beast he Leaps and Laps it Hard with his Rough tongue The Crunch and Crack of Snail's Hard shell is Heard 'til Kingdom come The snail, they say, was heaven-bound on Wings of slimy Dew, but I've heard it Said, well, over-Head "God Likes his Escargot..."


Mel said...

Hahaha! Very clever. Good thing the dog didn't have a salt shaker.

Erin said...

Is the said dog referred to in your poem, the favorite pooch Zeus?