HOLI--the Festival of Colors

I went to the Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork last Saturday with some friends. I know, I know--Hare Krishna and Spanish Fork. However, it was a wonderful experience with wonderful people.

Holi is is a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India and Nepal. In West Bengal, it is known as Dolyatra (Doljatra) or Boshonto Utsav ("spring festival"). (Thank you Wikipedia!)

From what I understand, it is the traditional welcoming of Spring, wherein people get together and paint each other. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but for those who know me, any excuse to get messy and get other people messy in the process is just grand with me.

The Daily Herald covered it here: http://www.heraldextra.com/content/view/260752/17/.

Anyway, here are some pictures for y'all. It was FUN!

(Note: This is Erin to my right. It was her birthday. She invited me to the HOLI festival. I bought her a scone. On April 1st, I convinced her that her major hour requirement had been upped to 200 hours (from 120). Later that day, she sent blue and white balloons to my desk at the law school declaring "It's a BOY!" Pretty much, she's amazing.)

Well, that might be the last post for a bit. Finals are coming...


Shelly! said...

I cannot believe you went to Holi! I went to Holi last year and loved it!

Sounds like life is fun - amongst the crazy law school life.

I love reading about it - especially the Erin addition.

Barb said...

I had never heard of the Holi festival until this year and suddenly, everyone I know went! Seriously, I have like 4 or 5 different groups of friends that went! (I am old and boring, I guess...)

Missy Johnson said...

i love erin
please marry her

Mel said...

Looks like Easter exploded on y'all. Also looks like tons of fun!

Kyle said...

Well played sir. Well played indeed...

Melissa said...

This looks like SO much fun Eric. I love reading your latest inspirations. You are a funny one my friend. I miss you dearly. We do need to chat though... Im thinking about law school. I need your help!

AlliSMiles said...

have you seen the movie "partition"? it has a great scene of this happening in india. it's not a feel-good movie though. but it was very interesting and i really liked it.

Vanessa said...

Hi Eric!

I just have to say that I love these crazy pictures! Looks like a great time and I am glad that you are doing well!!!

All the best!
Vanessa (Thornton) Christensen