I know I said that yesterday's post would probably be my last for a while, but I couldn't help but throw in my two cents on who the new apostle is going to be. Well, I have some good sources that are indicating it will be (drum roll please)...Claudio R. M. Costa of Brazil. Apparently, his family has already packed up and is heading to Salt Lake. While that could just be some kind of en masse visit for conference, I think it's more indicative of the newest need of a growing church: international leadership. For the purpose of being completely transparent, I really like the guy for being the first president of the Brazil Manaus Mission in 1990. For opening up the Amazon Rainforest, the man (and his wife who is just as amazing!) has proven that he can do what it takes to be a living witness of Christ. Well, for what it's worth, that's my prediction. Of course, whoever is called will make a fine leader, I'm sure. Just not a Brazilian leader. Para os que falam portugues, digo que pode ter certeza que vai ser o Elder Costa! Fiquem firmes! BELEZA!!!


courtney said...
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scott j said...

Nice try...there myst have been a rift in the force that threw off your clarevoyance.

Becca and Ty said...

hi - I don't actually know you, but we have about 90,000 friends in common (missy/dave johnson, sarah haynie, etc). I'm married to Tyler Johnson.

ANYWAY - my dad was a mission president in Sao Paulo, Interlagos from 93-96 and we got to know Pres. Costa well. I was pretty convinced it was going to be him also, so don't feel too bad. :)

Debi Buckner said...

OK, both of us were on the same wavelength here, but I guess not a spiritual wavelength. I totally had a dream a few days before conference that the new apostle would be from South America.

Oh well...next time.