Day 2

This is not the first time I've posted this picture. This little man, I believe, came about as a failed experiment in the middle of my Civil Procedure class. Yep. Law Students, like anyone else on this great blue planet, daydream and idle away their time on PC Paint, Solitaire, or IM. We often joke that in order to become a true law student, one must master the art of multi-tasking at least 7 different programs/games/documents during one 50 minute class.

This man is significant, though. Upon first look, he's a lot of smaller and larger circles which come together to form a man. This man is me, after several months at the law school. Notice the belly. I am not making it up when I say that this Eric-man is drawn to scale. I can't quite figure out why he's pointing with such a wide-eyed look of...something. Is he horrified by what he sees in front of him? Or is he intrigued? Is he warning people about something? Is it another final? Is it another year of law school beyond this one? Is it a Provo couple getting too cozy on a grassy area (why isn't that against the Honor Code?!)? Is it a career looming on the horizon? Is it responsibility looming on the horizon? Is it the football season looming on the horizon?

Or is it just a mirror?

Hmmm...maybe it's time to pick up another sport to supplement racquetball and soccer. I won't be able to blame my physique on law school for much longer.

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