The Island of Misfit Noms

At the behest of some very vocal friends, I'm taking up the standard again. Rededicating myself to posting more often. Rekindling the blogger's fire. Re'ing, if you will.

I've been pondering the state of national politick lately, and I was reminded of one of my favorite posts I ever created on this blog. Go here if you're interested in hitting the ebv in its zeitgeisty prime. Way back when, I was frustrated with the slew of politicians that were jockeying for the privilege of taking the national reigns as our President.

Now, four years later, not much has changed (although the DNC nominally has its man all locked up). We're once again watching the GOP slog through its nomination pomp and circumstance, and I feel inspired to share some politico doppelgangers. So, in the first of a series, I give you:


Newt Gingrich / The Abominable Snowmonster of the North (aka “Bumble”)
  • Both tend to enter with a roar, but leave humbled, beaten . . . and sans teeth 
  • Monstrously intimidating at first, yet ultimately self-defeating 
  • Quick to reform and/or retreat whenever it is politically convenient (you don’t really believe that Bumble preferred putting the star on the Christmas Tree at the Claus house to munching on the little elves, do you? Ditto to Gingrich with his first, second, and third (a) wives, (b) religions, and (c) runs at the Presidency)

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Andria said...

Oh, I love this series!

I have been away from your blog for over a year but suddenly remembered it again the other day, and I just find it hilarious, good reading. I love the political doppelganger series. They're always dead on!