A Series of Open Letters, vol. 1

Dear Glee:

You make me sad.  Your last two episodes were weak.  No.

They were worse than weak

They were the same contrived, plotless excuses for musical numbers that got you into trouble early in the first half of Season 1.  My wife pointed this pattern out to me last night: "Sue Sylvester says something outrageous; Will Shuester reacts; the Kids act out; we all learn a lesson."  And that's completely true.  There were flashes of brilliance in the first half of the Season: the Rachel-crush episode (Pepper Potts!), the Puck-comes-to-Torah episode, the Sue-Sylvester-has-a-handicapable-sister episode.  But the reason they were brilliant was the story: plot, dialogue, characters, drama, etc.  The music was a nice accent for the story line, not the focus.

But now you've turned that around.  The Madonna-centric episode was nothing more than a slap-dash plot written to connect up some of Madge's more famous songs. And now you're planning to produce more of these?  The Britney Spears episode?!  What, is her catalog so rich and deep that it's just begging to be storylined?

In the words of GOB Bluth: "Come on!"

Honestly, Glee, the reason I liked you in the beginning was because you weren't formulaic.  No other TV show was quite like you.  You were fun and engaging.  You had relatable characters, hilarious dialogue, and plot lines that sizzled with both off-the-wall craziness and believability.  The music, often, was choice and appropriately placed.

Then you started to follow your own perceived formula.  And now we just get over-produced, often nonsensical music that was performed better by the original artists in the place of plot, drama, and anything else that could be considered a coherent story.

Structure and formulas aside, I have serious plot concerns too:

(1) Where is Quinn Fabray living? Her parents kicked her out months(?) ago and she stayed with Finn and his Mom, presumably... so, is she still living in Finn's basement? Is she out on the street? Does she live in the school gymnasium, fending off hobos and vagrants for the leftover Little Caesar's crusts? What the heck is going on with her baby? For the love of all that's silly and whimsical and used to make us grin silly grins, just tell us!

(2) Ummm .... do these kids just perform without practicing?

(3) Wait... that's it.  There is no more plot.

Sigh.  I'm quickly losing faith, Glee.  Prove to me I should stay.




Erin said...

First, I like the new blog look. Second, I completely agree about Glee. After watching the past two episodes, I have no desire to continue watching. Let's just hope LOST next week can make up for the lack of humor/charactor growth/entertainment/plot in Glee.

Gary said...
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Gary said...

If only Arrested Development were still going. I could use a laugh from a good chicken dance now and again, or a "heeeeey uncle/father."

Shelly! said...

Right there with you. I've starting "watching" Glee while I make dinner since I really don't follow the story. I like the music particularly the mash-ups. Which have both been lacking as of late.

And does it seem to you that the new formula is more about (1) pick an artist and (2) pick out a random assortment of their songs, and then (3) construct a story line that follows the music vs. the characters.

As long as I don't actually watch it I love it...

Shelly! said...

Psst - I want to email you re: upcoming court date :) Would love your experienced advice. Can't find your email. mine is: shelly dot bennion at gmail

Missy Eyre said...

Amen! I was just thinking about how bored and disappointed I was with Glee and then read your post which says it all.
And I, too, wonder about Quinn Fabray.
Tsk tsk. Shame on Glee for being lame.