The Little Hilarities of Predictive Text

Ok, so everyone knows that predictive text is a little bit... asynchronous. Like when you think you're putting in a word with a series of three or four button pushes, but forget to cycle through the choice your program predicted for you in order to get to the real one, sometimes the consequences can be unintentionally hilarious. Or alternatively horrifying. I think I'll share some of the long list I've compiled over the years in little snippets. The first that comes readily to mind is "Cafe Rio." We all love their delicious Tex-Mex cuisine, picked-fresh pico de gallo, hand-stretched tortillas, and delicious cilantro-lime cream dressing. You almost feel naughty eating it. Thus, when you try to text your friends, it's only appropriate that the first option that pops up is... Cafe SIN. Imagine what their Key Lime Pie or Sweet Pulled Pork would be like if the grim reaper or the cherubim were making it... I imagine it would still be pretty darn good. Have you guys noticed any? Send over the best, funniest, or most damning you can think of. Cnt w8 4 m.


Padre said...

You'll have to get a lot fatter to become your father.

DP said...

I've noticed that you have to pass "Heavier" to get to "Heather," and also you have to go past "Fate" and "Date" before you get to "Dave."

Catherine said...

Just thought I'd send out a quick thank you. After reading this entry, I've been proof reading my texts before pressing send(what a novel idea). I ALMOST sent out an inappropriate text yesterday. I only typed in 3 letters when trying to type the word "Alex" in a text yesterday. After proofing, I was able to change the message so that it appropriately said that "Alex is really fun"...not something else.

Liz Merket said...

I'm infamous for sending out slightly strange texts, because I forgot to scroll to the right choice. One mistake that I still manage to make even though I've noticed it is with the word just. I end up with texts that say things like, "I'll lust text you after the movie."
I'm glad to hear someone else is sending out mixed messages too.