Being a Big Guy Certainly Has its Advantages ... and its Disadvantages

Now presenting COMFORT WIPE: The first improvement of toilet paper as we know it since the 1880s! It extends your reach a full 18 inches...while it follows the contours of your body and comfortably cleans! Just one question: Why on EARTH would you want to extend your wiping reach 18 inches?! This made my brothers and I giggle into the early hours. I'm thinking it's a must-have for any American family in this time of economic crisis.


SGarff said...

I get the impression that more patents are filed for toilet related inventions than all other human activities and industries combined. I guess it tells you where people get their ideas

Shelly! said...

Yeah, because there is nothing archaic or disgusting about using a magic wand to wipe your nether regions.

I cannot WAIT to show this to my friends. Maybe I'll even order everyone one....if they were only so lucky...

Dave Whittaker said...

They're on sale on E-Bay. Some new, some used. That's where I got mine. The previous owner & I still keep in touch through Facebook. I send him pictures every now and then.The first model was only 14 inches, but 18 just works so much better.

p.s.- Is E-Bay named after you? Eric-Bay!


ebv said...

It's also ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your body.

I'm so proud of you for keeping the previous owner updated, Dave! That's like an adoptive parent letting the natural parent(s) know how their child is doing.

And, yes, Eric-Bay was the initial name for eBay, but they thought it was too "Nordic" for their purposes and decided to go with a more "culturally neutral" tag.

PC is crap!