Dr. Who

After seeing this picture, I realized that it's OK to be a Dr. Who fan. We all watched it on Ch. 7 when we were kids. Don't even try to deny that you did. Tom Baker was a household name, children used to hide behind the sofa from the Daleks and some weird medusa looking thing, and finally we understood the Brits.
Anyway, I had to share this photo. It makes me happy.
Pictured: Peter Davison (left), aka The Fifth Doctor, &
The Man I Am On the Inside (right)
I'd say this picture was magic, if it weren't science fiction. It's probably the conglomeration of a gamma ray fluctuation in the space-time continuum, wherein the quark/wave dynamic produced the perfect Dr. Who fan moment. I'm pretty sure that poking of the T-Shirt made him an honorary Time Lord.

Ah ha! While "magic" didn't quite work, I think "Timeless" is appropo to paint this Meeting of the Titans. Thus, it shall be christened "The Timeless Meeting of the Titanous Time Lords!"

PS--I really do like Dr. Who. Sue me.


Barb said...

I seriously have never seen an episode. And I even have an older brother. I should ask John if he ever watched it.

EBV said...

I guarantee that John watched it.

Mel said...

I remember that show! I used to get totally freaked out and couldn't watch.

Andrew McKnight said...

I always thought that I needed to see the Mona Lisa in person in order to feel fulfilled. Not anymore. I wonder if anyone would be willing to put that photo in the Louvre?

Steve, Liz and Jaxon said...

I had nightmares from that show along with the weird british comedies except Mr. Bean. Too weird for me!