What happened in October? Good Question

I realized this past month that "free time" is a concept that does not exist. While we may claim that we utilize the time unoccupied by other "important" things, even those hours that we use as "free" time may merely constitute discretionary time. This is the time we choose to either sit on a couch and watch football or sit on someone else's couch and watch football. (Or "The Office" or "Heroes," whichever may be more exciting/on at the time our discretionary time begins.) However, like the term "free agency," I would contend that nothing we do with our time is free from the consequences of our actions. For example, last week I took a nap in the early afternoon. While at the time, I felt my activity was free, it was only discretionary as I lay in bed until about 2:00 am trying to get to sleep. Definitely not free. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I tried to put off writing a paper (worth 80% of my grade) until late Sunday night. At about 4:00am Monday morning, I realized that all the discretionary time I had used in the weekend to "party" "meet girls" and "relax" definitely wasn't free. In fact, it came at a great price. With this in mind, I'd like to now comment that nothing may be more distracting, disgusting and irritating than chewing with your mouth open. Thank you, that is all. Eric

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